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Cleaning Fluids

Invicta UltraClean 2001  is a blend of glycol ethers, esters and propretary solvents, designed for the easy removal of solder pastes, flux residues and uncured (green) surface mount adhesives from stencils, foils and mis-printed boards, typically used in electronics manufacture. UltraClean 2001 constituents are miscible in water and safe for use with most plastics. It evaporates quickly to leave surfaces clean, dry and free from residue.  



* Powerful, efficient cleaning material.


* Consistent cleaning results - solvency power does not diminish with age or use.


* High flash point (59 C),  yet fast evaporating.



Invicta AquaClean 2002 is a water based cleaning material utilising unique technology. It is designed to thoroughly remove adhesives, solder pastes and solder paste / flux residues from all tyes of stencils (including pump print), mis-printed boards and assembled printed circuit boards. With the aid of heated air jets it evaporates quickly to leave surfaces clean, dry and free from residue.


* Powerful, efficient cleaning material.


* No Flash Point.


* Solvent cleaning ability with water based property advantages.




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A solvent type, low VOC cleaner for use in Sabre stencil cleaners and similar equipment. Ideal for removing solder pastes and 'green' adhesives.


An aqueous based, environmentally friendly, VOC free cleaner for use in Sabre stencil cleaners and similar equipment. For removing solder pastes and 'green' adhesives


Both fluids are available in 5 litre or 25 litre bulk containers.


Excellent results can be obtained cleaning DEK Pump Print stencils using either fluid in the SabreMax with optional ultrasonics.


No 'rinse cycle' requirement when used in the SabreMax.