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Econospray spray fluxer

The Econospray is a retrofittable, multiple head, pulsed spray fluxing system which will retrofit in place of, or inside of, the foam fluxing tank of almost any wave soldering machine. 


Combining efficiency and economy in a single unit, the Econospray is designed for easy, quick retrofit into the widest range of soldering machines,  offering to everyone the proven benefits of spray fluxing at a sensible cost and with so few moving parts, the Econospray is virtually maintenance free.


Accurate deposition is achieved by a pulsed spray of predetermined frequency and duration with coverage being further enhanced by an optional flux mobilisation airknife.


There are three configurations available, a 3 head system suitable for boards up to 300mm wide, a 5 head system for boards up to 425mm wide and a 6 head system for boards up to 500mm wide.


Spray nozzles are selected individually to meet the required fluxing width.  Using the hydraulic principle of spray generation the flux is kept in a sealed container that is pressurised with air to provide the hydraulic pressure. This pressurised flux is directed to an array of spray nozzles which are switched on and off via solenoid valves to produce a low energy mist beneath the board. The pulsed spray duration and frequency of pulses determine the rate of deposition and are easily preset. Six programmes may be stored. 


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