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Product offerings

The following products are offered to our customers. Please click on the sub-menu for more information. For detailed or very specific information that may be required please Contact Us and we will supply from our extensive data base.


 *Ionograph - industry standard system commonly used for the identification and measurement of ionic contamination on pcb's, either at the fabricator or assembler.


*Econospray - a retrofittable, multiple head, pulsed spray fluxing system which will fit in place of, or inside of, the foam fluxing tank of almost any wavesoldering machine.


*SabreMax 757 - a highly effective cleaner for removing solder paste from stencils, foils, misprinted circuit boards, assemblies, pump print stencils, Varidot stencils and accessories. 


*Hi-Check - systems for non-contact measurement of printed solder paste.


*Cleaning Fluids - solvent and aqueous based materials for use in the SabreMax 757 or similar cleaning equipment.


*Used equipment - a range of used machines is usually available, either ex-demonstration or factory re-furbished pre-owned.