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SabreMax 757 stencil cleaner

The SabreMax 757 is a highly effective cleaner using high volume, submerged wash jets and drying jets mounted on reciprocating carriers.  Using hydrocarbon or semi-aqueous chemistry at ambient temperature, the SabreMax continuously filters the fluid for maximum performance.


Economical in use, the SabreMax requires little maintenance. It has a small footprint and operates from a low power single phase 13A supply and compressed air.


The SabreMax is ideal for removing solder paste and green adhesives from stencils, foils, screens, misprinted circuit boards, assemblies,   pump print stencils, Varidot stencils  and accessories.


The SabreMax is available with ultrasonics for cleaning pump print type stencils and complete removal of solder balls from misprinted boards. 


With no warm up time required, no rinse cycle needed, these microprocessor controlled programmable machines are simple to operate yet highly efficient.  


* Low power consumption. 


* No effluent to drain.


* Environmentally friendly.


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